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Earthworks Environmental, LLC promises to ease your company's environmental compliance concerns through our customer-focused, conscientious, hands-on approach to compliance management. We can help you and your team stay in compliance with NPDES and Stormwater regulations through professional reports, regulatory inspection involvement, SWP3's and regulatory permits.

Our Services

Earthworks Environmental, LLC holds strong relationships with the regulating community. It's this relationship and common goal that keeps our clients violation free. NPDES/Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Dust management with professional reports, first response for regulatory inspections, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), regulatory permits, BMP installation, expertise recommendations, strong regulatory relationships, air quality and high pollution advisory notifications.

Earthworks was born in 2014 of a single client in Phoenix and continued to develop client relationships throughout Arizona. Today, Earthworks is making waves across the country, now providing stormwater consulting services across 14 states. A highly knowledgeable team combined with unparalleled customer service has been the catalyst for growth. It plans to revolutionize regulatory record management with ERX, its proprietary environmental management software program. Earthworks will explore additional growth opportunities in 2021 as it strives to be residential construction’s first choice in compliance services.


  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention manual
  • NOI/NOT filing
  • SWPP program management
  • Reoccurring site visits (inspections)
  • Permit compliance assistance
  • Permit applications
  • BMP installation
  • Street sweeping
  • Site clean-up

Dust Compliance

  • Dust management
  • Reoccurring site visits
  • Permit compliance assistance
  • Permit applications
  • Records retention
  • On-site training
  • Inspection response

Safety Management

  • Safety program implementation
  • Safety manual
  • Site safety inspections
  • Emergency incident reports

Drone Footage

Aerial footage may be utilized for multiple purposes, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Site Assessments
  • Tracking Site Progress
  • Documenting Site Conditions in Each Phase of Construction
  • Inspecting Areas with Access or Safety Concerns
  • Inspecting Linear Projects
  • Observe Offsite Conditions on Adjacent Land
  • Flood Assessment
  • Land Surveying
  • Endangered Species Identification & Habitat Monitoring

Infectious Disease Prevention Inspections

  • Keeping a social distance of 6 feet or greater
  • Wearing PPE (gloves, eye protection and masks)
  • Not touching your face, especially with dirty hands
  • Washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer with 60 percent alcohol
  • Cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched objects such as work stations, keyboards, phones, handrails, machines, tools, doorknob
  • Covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze
  • Identifing the closest wash station
  • Staying home if you are sick
  • Signing into a daily attendance sheet

ERX - Online Compliance Management

Innovation is an advantage. Earthworks has created its own software program, ERX, for records retention and digital inspections. ERX is available to all clients and can be accessed online both by clients and compliance managers.

Online Access

Access all of your compliance data and documents at any time. ERX is accessible online from any device.

Frequent Updates

ERX gets better every month. Improvements and new features are being constantly added.

Digital Archive

Never worry about losing your most important compliance documents. ERX manages storage and accessibility so you don't have to.

Technical Support

We care about reliability. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us.

Industry Experts

Custom compliance reports crafted by industry and regulatory experts, designed to ensure compliance with regulations.

Automated Weather Reports

ERX automates the process of weather tracking and will alert when rain events occur.

Our Amazing Team

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