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In 5 Years

In 5 years, Earthworks Environmental has expanded compliance footprint across U.S., continued growth in its Arizona office by Peter Madrid | Oct 22, 2019 In 5 years, Earthworks Environmental has expanded compliance footprint across U.S., continued growth in its Arizona office MESA, ARIZ...

by ..., 2019-10-22

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2019 Quarter 3 Newsletter

  2019 Quarter 3 Newsletter Click the link above for the PDF version of our 2019 Quarter 3 Newsletter.

by ..., 2019-10-01

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2019 Quarter 2 Newsletter

2019 Quarter 2 Newsletter Click the link above for the PDF version of our 2019 Quarter 2 Newsletter.

by ..., 2019-08-13

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VoyagePhoenix Interview with Cherie Koester

Meet Cherie Koester of Earthworks Environmental   Today we’d like to introduce you to Cherie Koester. Thanks for sharing your story with us Cherie. So, let’s start at the beginning, and we can move on from there. Briefly is difficult. I was a statistic. I was a native girl in a s...

by ..., 2019-07-31

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Red Tide - Florida

Red tide is a phenomenon caused by algal blooms. Algal blooms are when concentrations of algae become so numerous they’ll discolor the coastal waters. These algal blooms will also deplete the oxygen levels in the water while releasing a toxin that will cause illness in wildlife. The algal blo...

by ..., 2018-10-01

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McCook Reservoir also known as the Grand Canyon of the Midwest

What is a solution for maintaining and improving infrastructure to protect one of our most valuable resources in Southern Chicago and northwestern Indiana? As magnificent the Grand Canyon in the West, at a much smaller scale, the Midwest now relies on the McCook Reservoir for water protection. Th...

by ..., 2018-10-01

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Does it seem to be raining more in Texas?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released the Atlas 14, Vol 11 Precipitation-Frequency Atlast of the United States for Texas. This report released on September, 27 updates Texas rainfall frequency values. The analysis find significantly higher rainfall frequency valu...

by ..., 2018-10-01

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Most Influential Women in Arizona 2018 - Honoree Cherie Koester

I had such amazing evening @thecambyhotel thank you to my family, my patient husband, my favorite five children, and the entire Earthworks Team not just in Arizona but my magic workers in Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Indian, Illinois and Minnesota. Such an #honor to be one of The Most Influent...

by ..., 2018-09-10

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Florida: The Rain State

As the 2nd quarter of the year comes to an end, we are settling into the thickest part of the rainy season. The sunshine begins to hide behind thick, dark clouds that linger over head, teasing downpour at any moment. The rainy season started a bit early this year bringing rain from the south east...

by ..., 2018-07-10

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South Texas dangerous stormwater

South Texas storms generate dangerous amounts of Stormwater What do you get with 17 inches of rain over 4 days? Flooding, road closures, water rescues and a declared State of Emergency in 6 counties. One year after Hurricane Harvey hit south Texas, another tropical storm arrived in late June...

by ..., 2018-07-02

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As seen in AZ Business Journal

Gilbert-based environmental consulting firm Earthworks Environmental LLC will expand operations to several northern states this year. Earthworks’ services include storm water pollution prevention, environmental site assessments, dust control and construction safety compliance work primarily fo...

by ..., 2018-06-07

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Aaron Gordon joins Earthworks Environmental as Compliance Manager

Aaron Gordon joins Earthworks Environmental GILBERT, ARIZONA – Earthworks Environmental, LLC has expanded its Arizona operation with the hiring of  Aaron Gordon as a compliance manager. Prior to joining Earthworks Environmental, Gordon worked for 10 years in the primary fields of enviro...

by ..., 2018-05-10

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Expansion Fever

Earthworks Environmental is excited to announce its biggest expansion ever! Earthworks was created with customer service as our basis and with that core we have continued to grow and protect all of our clients. We are proudly operating in the following locations... Phoenix, AZ Tucson, ...

by ..., 2018-04-16

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Hurricane Irma and SWPPP

Hurricane Irma Preparedness  On 9/4/2017 the Governor declared that a state of emergency exists throughout the State of Florida, based upon the serious threat to the public health, safety and welfare posed by the Hurricane. (State of Florida Executive Order No. 17-235)  Section D.2. Su...

by ..., 2017-09-07

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Travis Fern’s office is acres of dirt. From the cab of his truck, he watches as a water tanker rumbles by, spraying the ground and suppressing the dust that rises from sprawling, open land. Compliance Manager Travis Fern of Earthworks Environmental looks on as preliminary work takes place ...

by ..., 2017-08-01

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Non-stormwater Discharges

Un-authorized non-stormwater discharges can happen even when your site is correctly implementing all BMP’s. It only takes a few minutes to remind trades of correct procedures which eliminates pollutants from entering stormwater systems. Earthworks can help you and your trades to remain dilige...

by ..., 2017-07-24

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***Attention Arizona NOI Permit Holders***

Logging in to apply for a NOI through ADEQ's "Smart NOI" system will no longer exist as of June 1, 2017.  Please be aware you WILL NOT BE ABLE to apply for a new NOI via the Smart NOI system OR a paper NOI application via mail.  Both systems will be non-existent. Here is what you need to do: ...

by ..., 2017-05-03

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Gilbert’s Earthworks Environmental Expands to Florida; adds two staffers, promotes one in Arizona office

GILBERT, ARIZ. – Earthworks Environmental LLC has expanded its operations to Florida and added two employees at its Arizona office, Principal Cherie Koester announced. Mark Hubbard will run the Orlando/Tampa/Jackson, Fla., office as a Lead Compliance Manager. Hubbard will be responsible for Stor...

by ..., 2016-12-06

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Earthworks Environmental moves to offices at Gilbert’s Heritage District

Gilbert, Az. (July 12, 2016) – After working for almost two years out of Queen Creek, Cherie Koester, Principal of Earthworks Environmental, moved her staff into offices in the highly- sought-after Gilbert Heritage District. Koester, 37, founded the company in September 2014. Earthworks’ service...

by ..., 2016-08-06

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Statewide Compliance

Clients ask me how Earthworks is doing, they are genuinely interested in the growth of this company and they ask, "Are you staying busy?" Yes!  Here is a map of the sites we are currently assigned dust/swpp management.  Earthworks continues to strive for excellence for our clients in the...

by ..., 2016-05-20

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Earthworks Welcomes Brendan Haugh!

Earthworks Environmental is very proud to announce a huge addition to our team! Brendan Haugh has been a long time colleague of mine as we were Air Quality Inspectors at MCAQD together back in 2008.  Brendan has been an overwhelmingly positive addition to Earthworks and he brings a wealth ...

by ..., 2016-05-04

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Health Watch

Hello All - ***ADEQ has declared tomorrow (Wednesday 20Apr16) a Health Watch day.*** Please be sure that all trades... 1 - Have a water source on site 2 - Use the water source they have on site 3 - Keep records (method/frequency/amount) of the water used on site 4 - Avoid any and all ...

by ..., 2016-04-19

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Subcontractor Registration Requirements

Earthworks addressed this same topic about a year ago but we have heard of a few sites getting into hot water with this recently, so I figured I should share a reminder. I spent a good amount of time this afternoon searching the online thesaurus for lively words to open with.  I mulled over pe...

by ..., 2016-04-07

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Air Quality Violation Fees Collected in 2015

It's Friday.  Time to wind down, wrap up your week, and read more mind blowing insights from yours truly.  Personally, this is my favorite tid-bit message I've shared so far.  *Nearly everyone budgets for SWPPP - however, how many SWPPP violations with monetary fines have you had in the past y...

by ..., 2016-02-12

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What is a HPA day?

HPA (High Pollution Advisory) days within Maricopa County are delcared by ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality).   What does this mean for you? *All dust or emission related violations hold a heavier hand (they will be more expensive and have less tolerance) on HPA days.  Pl...

by ..., 2016-02-08

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Records Violations

I'm certain many of our clients and their trades continually hear my team and I hammer about records, records, records on construction sites (pertaining to dust control).  As annoying as that is...we have a purpose I promise.  The snap shot below from Maricopa County Air Quality will explain why....

by ..., 2016-02-08

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Dust Violations Matrix 101

Air Quality Violations can be costly.  However, they can be avoided - Earthworks continues to keep our clients violation free (sorry for the shameless plug). Clients ask me all of the time how much a violation would be if they did this...or that.  The answer is not a simple $100.00 or $10,000....

by ..., 2016-02-08

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