Subcontractor Registration Requirements


Earthworks addressed this same topic about a year ago but we have heard of a few sites getting into hot water with this recently, so I figured I should share a reminder.

I spent a good amount of time this afternoon searching the online thesaurus for lively words to open with.  I mulled over petty, trivial, frivolous and negligible...then I realized those words are completely incorrect.  

These emails are designed to inform my clients and potential clients of common mistakes and potential violations regarding dust and storm water.  My goal (besides miraculously obtaining a perfect beach body and never ending youth) is to be as helpful and reliable to all of my clients as possible.  Therefore, the correct introductory words should read substantial, worthwhile and valuable.

Maricopa County Air Quality Department requires that all subcontractors (on a permitted site) obtain an "SC" number.  Each site (permit holder) is required to keep a comprehensive list of all subcontractors along with their associated "SC" number.  Inspectors can/will check for this comprehensive list and verify the registrations are valid.

Listed below are some commonly asked questions concerning this requirement.

Who needs a “SC” number?  All subcontractors and all trades that would be on your project in any capacity. 

How can I verify a company’s subcontractor registration?  Subcontractor registration numbers may be verified by visiting Velocity Hall      Click "Go"
2      Click "Check/Research Permits,"
3      Under "Look up Permits/Projects," click "By Permit Number"
4     Enter the registration number in the "Permit Number" field and click "Search."
Who is NOT required to register with the MCAQD?

    • Lunch trucks or food vendor
    • Waste management trucks
    • Regulatory agencies

Our company doesn't seem to do a dust generating activity, but we drive on unpaved parts of permitted sites. Do we need to register? Yes.  Driving on unpaved sites or haul/access roads is considered a dust-generating activity. 

My company holds the dust control permit for 90% of our jobs, but on occasion, we are contracted to do work for another permit holder. Do we need to register? Yes.  You need to register prior to performing dust-generating activities on a site where you are not the permit holder. 

Do I need to attend training? No. There is no training requirement associated with subcontractor registration; however, based upon the work you perform on a site, you may need to attend training.  

How/where do I apply for a subcontractor registration number? Online Submittal - $50.00Applications and Renewals can be submitted electronically - fill out the proper application save the completed form; submit electronically using the online submittal portal.
How do I display my number? Subcontractors must display their registration number on every job site on which the company works.
The registration number may be displayed in a number of ways other than painted on a vehicle.

  • Paper sign affixed to the vehicle or equipment window
  • Sign at the entrance with your company's name on it and the SC number
  • Magnet on the door or bumper
  • Rearview mirror hanger
  • Banner near subcontractor’s work location

To whom is the registration issued? A registration may be issued to an individual, a partnership, Limited Liability Company or a corporation.
What happens if I don't register? If you are found to not have a Maricopa County Subcontractor Registration – you are in violation.
What is the penalty fee for late renewal of my subcontractor registration? There is no penalty fee for late renewal; however, having an expired subcontractor registration may be a violation of Rule 200 § 306 and could result in a Notice of Violation and a monetary penalty.
How long is my registration valid? A registration is issued for one year and must be renewed annually with the required $50.00 on the anniversary month of original issuance. A renewal notice will be mailed to the address on our records which you have provided.
Will my registration number change next year? Your registration number will not change unless you request a new number or there is an unforeseen circumstance that prevents the MCAQD from issuing the same registration number. This is why it is important to follow up on all registration numbers for your trades.
What does the $50 registration fee pay for? The subcontractor registration fee pays for the impact of the program on the Air Quality Department. Some of the areas it pays for are the administrative processing of the registration, the extra inspections required and the administrative processing of paperwork related to inspections                     

Maintaining this "SC" list is part of our consulting scope at Earthworks.  Please contact me with additional questions, 

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