Air Quality Violation Fees Collected in 2015

By // 12Feb2016

It's Friday.  Time to wind down, wrap up your week, and read more mind blowing insights from yours truly.  Personally, this is my favorite tid-bit message I've shared so far. 

*Nearly everyone budgets for SWPPP - however, how many SWPPP violations with monetary fines have you had in the past year?

*How much have you budgeted for dust?

Did you know...

*Air quality violations are publicly posted with your company name, address, location of violation, section of the rule that was in violation and enforcement fee paid.

*Air quality violation fees collected in 2015 = $408,504.30  (Surely we can find a way to spend nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS more effectively!)

*One permit holder paid nearly $30,000.00 in dust fines in 2015.

*The average dollar amount paid for air quality violations in 2015 was approximately $1,021.26.

*One permit holder paid nearly $7,000.00 for one NOV of track out.

*Earthworks dust management cost is less than the $7,000.00 track out violation listed above
This means not only do we manage it for you, but the cost is less, the exposure is less, the headache is less.

If you are interested in receiving information regarding your company's 2015 violation history and would like to discuss how Earthworks can assist you in 2016, please give me a call, visit our website at .

We look forward to working with you.  Earthworks continues to support the mission of Maricopa County Air Quality in providing and maintaining clean air.

***Feedback is much appreciated.***