Florida: The Rain State

By Jeremy Chang // 10Jul2018

As the 2nd quarter of the year comes to an end, we are settling into the thickest part of the rainy season. The sunshine begins to hide behind thick, dark clouds that linger over head, teasing downpour at any moment. The rainy season started a bit early this year bringing rain from the south east coast up through the northwest, giving the entire state a taste of precipitation, large or small each day.

In the state of Florida, the stormwater program dictates that a “rain event inspection”, is triggered by a minimum of 0.50” of rain in a 24 hour period.

As of 28Jun18, our Florida division has successfully handled a total of 462 rain event inspections spanning over the months of April-June, while also handling a weekly inspection pay load of 53 sites!

Our compliance managers, Martin Friar and Samuel Sheen have worked countless hours to maintain compliance on all sites due to the dedication, determination, and relationships we have built with our amazing clients and maintenance crews we coordinate with on a daily basis.

We have been very grateful to work with such great individuals to ensure that all of our clients stay compliant and prevent or plan, for any extreme circumstances that might arise.

The rain has brought more than added inspections. We have recently begun building relationships with future clients that we are excited to provide our expertise with. We are anxious to explore and expand this division across the state, and we will be sharing some exciting news in the months to come.

Keeping our clients in not just an acceptable state of compliance, but an excellent state of compliance, while working closely to prevent and prepare for future possible circumstances is what we specialize in.

It is always the goal of our compliance managers to protect our client and build lasting relationships with not only our clients, but the regulating agencies.

We can proudly say that our team has gone above and beyond to exceed those expectations. Are you ready for the Earthworks Florida team to become part of your team? We certainly are!

- Jeremy Chang, Earthworks Environmental